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Concerned about how your nail looks after an injury, or a fungal infection? Are you into nail art, pedicures, or salon treatments? is a community-based website dedicated to promoting beautiful, healthy nails. From nail care at spas and salons to do it yourself nail designs and treatments, it's a collage of beautiful and helpful pins dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful nails.
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  • Pedicure, Spa Treatments and DIY nail care
  • Nail and feet health
  • Sports injuries

Nail Guide covers a wide spectrum of nail related topics from the latest pedicure trends to training for a marathon. It also hosts health and fitness related content about nails, dedicated to providing information about treating common nail concerns such as ingrown toenails and nail fungus. Using a Pinterest model of quick links with images to allow the community to find and quickly read and post about new nail related content. The site is very visual and intuitive, and easy to navigate and participate. While the model is similar to Pinterest, as a specialized board we take care of our boards, sifting out spam, off topic content, and other low quality content on a regular basis.

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