Skin Experts Talk: Popular Videos

While we have lots to look forward to in 2016, it’s sometimes good to look back at the past. Have a look through some of our most popular featured skin care videos on our YouTube channel SkinExpertsTalk from the past.

The Aging Process:

In this overview video, prominent dermatologist from Toronto, Dr. Benjamin Barankin talks about the aging process, and the changes that occur over time to the skin. This video covers lifestyle recommendations and skincare regimens to slow down the aging process and to maintain the skin. There is also discussion about various dermatologist procedures that can help address specific skin concerns such as dermal fillers, laser therapies, and Botox.

The Effects of Sun Damage on the Skin:

Renowned dermatologist from Vancouver, Dr. Shannon Humphrey discusses the importance of sun protection, and why it’s important. A common sense explanation of what is involved in proper sun protection, but one that can make a huge difference to how the skin appears over many years.

Acne and Accutane:

Dermatologist Dr. Richard Thomas talks about the controversial drug, Accutane. A quick search on google will reveal just how heated the debate over this drug is. There is a wide gap between the public perception of Accutane and that of dermatologists. Dr. Thomas explains his perspective on this powerful drug for acne.

Soft Tissue Fillers and Botox:

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Anatoli Freiman explains the difference between neuromodulators such as Botox and dermal fillers. These are both injected into the skin, and there is some confusion as to what they are indicated for, and this video clears up what each of these products do.

Product Video: Glycolic Renewal

Skin Experts Talk reviews skincare products as well as skin procedures. In this video, Toronto dermatologist Dr. Charles Lynde weighs in on NeoStrata’s Glycolic Renewal series of products, and what exfoliant products can do for the skin.

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