Top 5 Skin Care Myths

Skincare isn't necessarily complicated, but it can be a stumbling block with so much information out there. Check this quick list to make sure that you aren't making these common skin care slip-ups!

1. Acne is not a big deal.

It is. While acne won’t outright kill you, it does have serious consequences that shouldn’t be ignored. Acne, especially severe acne, has a significant impact both socially and psychologically. There are many effective treatments for acne, so there is no reason not to see a doctor for consultation. If left untreated the risk of permanent scars increase.

2. Sunscreens are for camping trips and beaches.

Sunscreens are often thought of as special occasion items, like insect repellant. The truth is that sunscreen is the most important skincare routine. Sun damage is a constant threat to healthy skin, and sunscreens are a practical way to protect against constant sun exposure which lead to symptoms of premature aging like wrinkling and brown spots on the skin.

3. Sun protection is only for people with fair skin.

While people with darker skin have some extra protection against traditional sun damage (skin cancers, sunburns), other forms of sun damage such as hyperpigmentation are more common in people with darker skin.

4. Natural products are always safer.

Natural products are often thought of as a safer alternative to drugs or synthetic products. This isn’t always true, and all products need to be evaluated based on its merit. There are many natural products that irritate the skin or leave it photosensitive.

5. This condition is temporary. It’ll go away on its own.

Plenty of conditions are self-limiting and go away on their own. The problem is that you won’t necessarily be able to self-diagnose your condition. Even trained physicians will sometimes require special equipment to diagnose a condition. Go see your doctor to make sure that everything is ok.